5 common air conditioner problems

Window air conditioning units like the SPT WA-1211S usually provide years of useful service making our lives much more comfortable during the summer months. However, no appliance will be trouble-free for its entire working life and sometimes it may be necessary to have your air conditioning repaired because it isn’t functioning the way it should. Here are the five most common problems that could affect the smooth running of your appliance. Fortunately, all are easily repaired.

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1. Wiring problems.
If any appliance, including air conditioners, has incorrect or faulty wiring this problem must be corrected at once. Badly done wiring can not only make your unit cease to function, it can be a serious fire hazard. If you have even the slightest suspicion that wiring could be a problem, unplug your unit immediately and arrange for a professional repair.

2. Lack of refrigerant.
The refrigerant used in air conditioning units is called Freon. This chemical is an essential part of your unit and cools the air by changing from its gaseous state to a liquid state. Both gas and liquid can leak in older or damaged appliances. If you find that this is the case with your unit, a professional should be called in to repair the leak and top up the refrigerant level.

3. Problems with the fan.
The outside fan of your air conditioning appliance draws the heat out of your home. It’s obvious that if this malfunctions, your unit will not work effectively. If you suspect that this is a problem with your unit, do not run it because the lack of the fan can cause the compressor to overheat adding to the expense and complexity of repair.

4. Problems with the external unit.
This is more than likely caused by a lack of power but could indicate other problems too. The only way to discover what the problem could be is to contact a local professional and be sure that they take a look at the unit and diagnose the problem before you attempt to run it again.

5. Problems with the coil.
The coil is an internal part of the air conditioning unit and problems can occur when this becomes frozen as it indicates blockages within the system. This could be due to air filters being blocked by small particles or a build-up of dirt and dust. Or this could also indicate that the refrigerant level is low. Whatever the case is, your local expert will be able to tell you and rectify the problem.

Regular maintenance and cleaning can avert many of these problems and with luck, they will never happen to you. But if you should have any concerns about your unit, contact your local air conditioner repairman and your problems will soon be over.


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