Choosing the size of your window air conditioner

Choose the size of your air conditioner wisely. The air conditioning unit you need largely depends on the size of your home and your living area. Since many of today’s smaller homes don’t need an expensive central air conditioning system, it may be better to choose a portable or window air conditioner instead. Check out our Frigidaire FRA256SV2 review if you have a larger home. An added bonus is that these are also less expensive when it comes to running costs.

Many of the air conditioners which are available today are fitted for your room’s windows. This can be very convenient and they are also comparatively easy to install. When the cooler weather comes along though, these window models can be the source of drafts so many people prefer to store them during the winter months. Another solution for room air conditioners is to have them fitted into the wall of your home. These are more attractive as a rule, but are a permanent solution and can’t be removed and stored.

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In the case of air conditioning units, it’s not the case that a larger unit will necessarily be more effective. So choose the model that is right for the size of your home and your room. When your air conditioning is switched on, it removes heat and humidity from your home. The unit itself creates humidity when air travels over the cooling coils inside the unit’s mechanism. If you choose a unit that is too big, the delicate balance between cooling the air and removing the humidity will be lost. This will then cause the unit’s thermostat to turn the air conditioner off and as the temperature of the room rises, it will turn on again. The result will be inconsistent temperatures with damper air; neither of which are the comfortable effect required.

Air conditioners’ cooling capacities are measured in British Thermal Units, or BTU‘s, as they are commonly known. In order to calculate the BTU’s your appliance will need to cool your space be sure to measure your rooms. Then work out the square footage of your room by multiplying the width by the length. This gives you the area of your room. The size chart below will allow you to see what size of unit is right for your space. Here are some additional tips. It may be that you have an effective tree canopy or some other means of shading your home in the warmer weather. If this is the case you can reduce your BTU requirements by ten percent.

Conversely if your home receives a great deal of direct sunlight do the opposite and add ten percent to the estimate. If the room is normally used by more than two people, you should add a further 600 BTUs for each additional person. Finally, if you’re purchasing an air conditioning unit for a kitchen which is frequently used, raise your BTU requirements by 4000 for every hour that warming appliances that give out heat are used. Choose your air-conditioning units wisely and stay cool and refreshed during the warmer summer months.


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