Maintenance and your window air conditioner

Window air conditioners have always been a popular way of cooling the home. This is hardly surprising due to their convenience and flexibility. Another important factor is their affordability, especially when comparing a model like the Frigidaire FRA256SV2 to central AC, the cost of central AC can be prohibitive. The flexibility is one of the factors most appreciated by users however, as they can be added to additional rooms within the home as required. They can also be used in areas that don’t normally have any air conditioning fitted, for example the garage or home workshop. They can also be replaced when required; it’s a simple matter to purchase and install additional units.

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Like all air conditioning units, regular maintenance is essential to keep them in perfect working order. Keeping them maintained also ensures that they run at peak efficiency when it comes to the cost of running the units. This helps to keep them environmentally friendly and better for your wallet, as good maintenance reduces running costs. Because your units are fitted to windows, anything that is in the air will travel to some extent through the unit. To avoid these entering your home, air conditioners are fitted with filters. These will become clogged over time so should be clean every season.

Maintenance is simple and doesn’t take much time, considering the benefits it affords. It is the filters that require the most attention and manufacturers have ensured that these are easy to remove. All they need is to be cleaned, preferably in warm, soapy water. Use a mild household detergent that you already have – there’s no need to buy special solutions or mixtures. The filters should then be rinsed and dried and re-fitted into the unit. It’s as simple as that. After some time, filters will need to be replaced and the manufacturer or the instruction booklet will let you know how often this should be for your particular model. Because the outer casing of the air conditioning units will be outside your home, it’s a good idea to ensure that these too are kept clean, and free of obstructions such as leaves and insects. Most models have a hose to carry away water and a quick check of the hose to make sure that the water can run freely is all that’s needed. The models that are self-contained feature a collection area inside the unit itself that needs to be emptied.

When cooler weather arrives, many homeowners choose to keep their units in place; often covering them to protect them from the worst of the elements. This is satisfactory but ideally the units should be removed, completely cleaned and safely and securely stored for the winter. If you have the original packaging that your units came in, so much the better as these are specifically designed to keep your particular make and model safe. When the warm weather returns and you install the unit, you’ll find it to be in nearly-new condition, thanks to your maintenance and care. Air conditioning units will keep your home cool during even the hottest weather. By using these simple maintenance techniques you can make sure that they continue to do so for many years to come.


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