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Arctic King MWK-05CMN1-BI7



Price: $158

The Arctic King MWK-05CMN1-B17 is the cheapest air conditioner we've reviewed and is very affordable. However, it lacks the power and several of the features that the larger air conditioning units have.

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There is nothing more important than finding an efficient and cost-effective method of cooling your home as the hot summer months approach. A comfortable home has the ability to turn a miserably hot summer into a season of happy memories. Many consumers do not have central air conditioning and are looking for a way to cool all of their rooms, both big and small. Other consumers are fortunate to have central air, but their units are not powerful enough to reach their entire home.

For a consumer who is looking for an effective way to cool a smaller space, the Arctic King MWK-05CMN1-B17 may just be the perfect solution. Arctic King is a company known for developing and creating high quality products that fit the specific needs of their buyers. Their focus on creating air conditioners for many different spaces and with many different features ensures that they will have a model that will suit your specific needs, whatever they may be. Arctic King uses only the finest parts to ensure that their air conditioners will live up to their high standards. And, their commitment to quality means that their air conditioning units will be running strong long after units produced by the competition fall apart.


 5,000 BTU’s

The Arctic King MWK-05CMN1-B17 is a 5,000 BTU air conditioning unit. Stand alone air conditioning units can have a BTU range from as low as 5,000 to as high as 32,000. Because the Arctic King MKW-05CMN1-B17 is at the lower end of the available BTU range, it is perfect to cool a room that is around 150 square feet. Therefore, this unit is ideal for a consumer who needs additional cooling in a bathroom, small office, or other pint-sized room. Larger rooms in the home will require a more powerful air conditioning unit.

 Fits In Small Spaces

As this particular Arctic King air conditioning unit is mounted in your window, you don’t have to worry about wasting precious floor or shelf space in your smaller room. Having sufficient room in a smaller space is always important, so using a window unit instead of a different type of air conditioning unit is vital to effectively using your space. Also, this unit’s white color is sure to not detract from your home décor.

 Decent Options For A Small Unit

Many smaller air conditioners lack the technologically advanced features and options that their larger counterparts offer. However, the Arctic King MWK-05CN1-B17 is equipped with everything you need to make your room comfortable. One of the most unique features of this air conditioner is that, as it cools your room, it also removes the humidity from the room. This feature is especially important in the hot southern states, where the incessant humidity is almost more unbearable than the raging heat. Removing the humidity from the room will ensure that the air around you is always comfortable and you are always able to enjoy your smaller room. This Arctic King model is equipped with a rotary thermostat, a feature that makes temperature control simple and accurate. There are also two different fan speeds which allow you to control both the amount of air in your room as well as the noise level.

 Uses Little Energy

While this air conditioner is not energy star rated, its small size means that it uses very little energy. Therefore, you should not see a large increase on your electric bill when using this air conditioning unit. The MWK-05CN1-B17 has been given an EER (energy efficiency ratio) of 9.7, meaning that this unit is fairly energy efficient. And, the Arctic King MWK-05CMN1-B17 does use an environmentally friendly refrigerant, R410A, that has been shown not to cause any damage to the ozone layer.

 Easy Installation

In addition to all of the above listed features, the Arctic King MWK-05CMN1-B17 is a breeze to install. Weighing in at a very light 44 pounds, a person could easily lift and install this particular air conditioning unit on his own. This unit 12.8 inches long by 16 inches wide by 11.7 inches high. Its small size makes it able to fit in almost any window. In fact, this Arctic King model will fit in any window with an opening from 23 inches small to 36 inches large. Your purchase of the Arctic Air MWK-05CMN1-B17 includes an installation kit that contains everything you need to make the installation process as simple as possible. Included in the installation kit are side panels so that the air conditioner will fit snugly into the window without letting the hot outside air in or the cool inside air out.


One of the final benefits of this Arctic King air conditioning unit is its price. Retailing at less than 120 dollars, this unit is affordable for almost every family looking to cool off during the hot summer days.

Features This Unit Is Lacking

 Air Filter

The Arctic King MWK-05CMN1-B17 is not equipped with an air filter like many other units currently on the market. The air filter serves to remove pollen and dust particles from the air which cleans your room and allows your unit to run at its most efficient level. However, regular cleaning of your unit will help remove any of the dust this air conditioner collects and will keep it performing at its highest level.


This Arctic King air conditioner is also not equipped with a heater like some of the more advanced units on the market. However, in a room that is only 150 square feet, a small space heater should provide adequate heat during the winter months.

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