A Solid Choice For A Mid-Sized Air Conditioner


Friedrich Chill CP08G10



Price: $339

Friedrich has long been known for manufacturing affordable and reliable luxury window air conditioners, but the Chill CP08G10 has just raised the bar for what the consumer should expect from a mid-sized window a/c unit.

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Keeping your home cool in the summer months is essential to keep your family comfortable and healthy. Air conditioning units vary tremendously and sometimes it can be hard to choose which one is right for you and your particular house or apartment. However, you should have no reservations about purchasing any of the Friedrich models of air conditioners, including the CP08G10, as the Friedrich brand has long been considered to be the Cadillac of window air conditioners. The Friedrich Chill CP08G10 may be the perfect unit for your room, as it offers you solid reliability along with style and performance.


 7,800 BTU’s

Rated at nearly 8,000 BTUs, this unit will cool a good-sized area; one of up to 325 square feet. It’s a versatile appliance that is often used in commercial locations too so you can be sure that it’s sturdy, quiet, and efficient. Because it is Energy Star-rated, you can also be confident that it will use less electricity than unrated models which is good news for the planet and for your household bills. It’s offered at a good value for the price too so your wallet won’t suffer from the initial outlay, especially when you consider the huge benefits. This model even has a money saving mode which will regulate the temperature of your home without adding to the power usage at all.


There are some days when you don’t need to use your air conditioning to cool your room but would love to use a fan to keep the air moving and fresh. That’s no problem with this model because you can simply use the fan facility on its own to give that ‘breath of fresh air’ that all our rooms need so much on occasion to eliminate stale air. Sometimes it’s the humidity that can make us uncomfortable and this appliance can easily deal with this problem – the dehumidifier can be used as a stand-alone facility too. 

 Ease Of Use

This unit couldn’t be simpler to use. It has the benefit of being programmable which means that you can come home to a beautifully cool home every day after work.  What happens if there’s a power outage? No problem – the unit will automatically remember your settings and return it to its former state as soon as the power comes back on. When you are at home, you won’t need to leave the sofa and miss any scenes from the movie you’re watching if you want to adjust the controls – this model comes with a remote so that you can adjust it from afar. You can move the louvers at the front of the unit to direct the cool air into the direction of your choice too and with a choice of three fan speeds, you can control every aspect of your lovely cooling fresh air and send it exactly where you need it to be.

 Environmentally, As Well As Wallet Friendly

As we’ve seen, this air conditioner has a great energy saving rating plus a money saving mode to ensure that your power bills are kept to a minimum. But many people are concerned about the refrigerants used in temperature control appliances these days. You have no need to worry about the refrigerant used in this unit though as it is fully compliant with all the latest guidelines and won’t damage the ozone layer. You can have full peace of mind with this model. It creates a wonderful living environment inside your home without harming the planet. 

 Flexibility In Maintenance And Use

Your unit can easily be installed in windows as the name suggests, or can be used as a wall unit. It comes complete with the fittings you need that makes it easy to install and to remove when it’s time for servicing or cleaning. Basic cleaning of the exterior is all that is regularly required and the filters are completely washable too. This should be done on a regular basis to ensure that the machine works to it maximum efficiency and keeps the air in your home fresh, cool and clean. In days gone by, window units were considered to be a security hazard. They can be easily removed – when you move home for example – and could be kicked through to gain access to an empty home. The manufacturers have thought about that problem and designed this unit specifically to avoid this problem. In fact, they have thought about everything. Although the machine comes with a warranty, there is also an full three year warranty that you can buy for a small extra cost to add to your peace of mind.

 A Brand You Can Trust Your Health And Comfort With

Today, an air conditioning unit isn’t just there to make your home more comfortable. It can improve the overall health of you and your family by creating better air quality for your house or apartment. The Friedrich Chill CP08G10 is environmentally friendly and easy on your wallet too. If you are looking for an appliance to cool your home easily, efficiently and without straining your finances, we’d urge you to take a look at this model and seriously consider that this could be the one for your family’s needs.

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