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Frigidaire FRA065AT7



Price: $185

Producing 6,000 BTU's, the Frigidaire FRA065AT7 is one of the smallest A/C's we've reviewed. However, it is an excellent choice for using in bedrooms because of its extremely quiet fan.

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Many times, consumers have a small room that they would like to be cooled efficiently and effectively. However, smaller window air conditioning units lack many of the features that their larger counterparts tend to offer. If you are looking for a small-sized unit with the most advanced features on the market, then you should look no further than the FRA65AT7. This air conditioner is produced by Frigidaire, a company known for their value, sturdy construction, innovative designs, and commitment to American produced items. With over 85 years experience in producing appliances, you can be sure that a Frigidaire air conditioner will live up to its name.


 6,000 BTU’s

The FRA65AT7 is a window-mounted air conditioning unit with a 6,000 BTU cooling capacity designed to cool rooms up to 216 square feet large. It is important to purchase the correct size air conditioner for the room you wish too cool. Too small of an air conditioner reduces the effectiveness of the unit and can result in less than stellar results, while too large a unit is a waste of energy and money.

 Easy Installation

This Frigidaire air conditioner is quite compact at only 18 ½ inches wide by 16 3/8 inches deep by 12 ½ inches high. And at 51 pounds, it isn’t too heavy to install on your own. Installation of this unit is made even easier through a longer than average power cord so that you don’t have to use an extension cord and Frigidaire’s patented SpaceWise side panels that allow the unit to fit properly into almost any sized window.

 Temperature Control Features

One of the best selling points of the FRA65AT7 are its’ multiple methods of temperature control. This air conditioner works quickly to cool your room, providing a noticeable temperature difference in just a few short minutes. The air output can be aimed in eight different directions so that you always have cool air flowing exactly where you need it. The unit is also equipped with three different fan speeds to ensure that you have the correct amount of air flow into your room.

Electronic controls located on the unit take the guess work out of determining the correct temperature for your room. This particular model is known for its ease in setting the controls. However, one of the most unique temperature control features of the FRA65AT7 has to be the remote control. Instead of just allowing you to raise or lower the room’s temperature from the comfort of your couch, the remote control allows you to view the room’s temperature, set the timer, and select the proper fan speed. With all of those features, you will never have to get up!


The filter on the FRA65AT7 works to clean your room as it cools. The specially designed anti-microbial filter removes airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and pet dander as it emits cold air. The filter is very simple to clean: the unit simply tilts open so that you can easily remove and install the filter. A filter indication light will appear lit on your unit whenever the filter needs to be cleaned. And then, with a little soap and water, you can ensure that your air conditioning unit is working at maximum efficiency while keeping your home safe and clean. This air conditioner also dehumidifies the air as it cools, removing 1.3 pints of water per hour as it runs. This feature will further increase your comfort in your home.

 Energy Efficiency

Another great feature of the Frigidaire FRA065AT7 is how energy efficient it is. This air conditioner has received the Energy Star, meaning that it surpasses the current federal energy guidelines and regulations. The air conditioner is equipped with a 24 hour timer, allowing you to have the unit turn on or off as necessary for up to 24 hours in advance. This innovative feature ensures that your air conditioner does not run any more than necessary. This feature also allows you to never have to worry about coming home to a hot, uncomfortable room. This unit does not take much energy to start up and conserves energy as it runs to ensure that you save money on your electric bill. It has been given an energy efficiency rating (EER) of 10.7, which can help you relax and know that you are purchasing a product that is both good for the environment and good for your wallet. Finally, you can always run your air conditioner in the energy saving mode. This mode has the air conditioning compressor and fan cycle on and off at different intervals to maximize your energy savings without sacrificing a cool room.

 Additional Features

The Frigidaire FRA065AT7 has a few additional features that round out its advantages over the competition. If you turn off your unit or lose power for any reason (say a pesky summer thunderstorm), your unit will restart in the exact same settings. This ‘effortless restart’ will allow you to turn your unit on and off with ease, never having to worry about getting your air conditioner back to that perfect setting. The Frigidaire air conditioner also has a sleep mode to prevent your air conditioner from keeping you awake at night. The sleep mode has the air conditioner operate at the quietest setting possible while incrementally increasing the temperature of the room. This setting both ensures your comfort while sleeping and reduces the costs of running the appliance. Additionally, you can rest assured with your purchase knowing that it comes with a one year full warranty.

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