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Frigidaire FRA086AT7



Price: $225

The Frigidaire FRA086AT7 has several unique features, not usually found on models that produce 8,000 BTU's. It's a good A/C that can be used adequately in a variety of different rooms.

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As the days begin to warm, the last thing you want to do is exert effort in finding an air conditioning unit that can keep you cool without causing you too much trouble or leaving a dent in your wallet. If you have yet to find that perfect air conditioning unit, then you should look no further than the Frigidaire FRA086AT7. This window air conditioner, perfect for cooling rooms up to 350 square feet, has all the features of the most advanced models on the market without costing you an arm and a leg. And, its compact size and sleek look will cool your home without causing an eyesore to your current home décor.

Frigidaire is a well-established company that has been creating high-quality products for over 85 years. Their products are known for the reliability, craftsmanship, and features that can’t be found on any other brands. Plus, when you buy a Frigidaire product, you can rest assured knowing that your product was both developed and built in the USA.


 8,000 BTU’s

8,000 BTU’s is a good range for an air conditioner because it can be used for multiple purposes. It’s more than enough power to cool off a large bedroom and is adequate enough to cool down a medium sized living room. Of course, when purchasing any air conditioner, you should to take into consideration not only the size of the room but the climate of the region where it will be used. In general, warmer climates need more BTU’s.

 Remote Controlled

One of the most unique features of the Frigidaire FRA086AT7 air conditioner is the remote control. Most air conditioning units currently on the market are equipped with a remote control, allowing you to adjust the temperature of your room from the comfort of your couch. However, the remote control on the Frigidaire FRA086AT7 also acts as a portable thermostat. The remote control has a sensor that actually measures the temperature of the room. Every three minutes, the remote control will send temperature updates from wherever the remote control is located in the room to the main air conditioning unit. The unit will then adjust the air output as needed to ensure the ideal temperature for the entire room. This amazing technology will help to guarantee that you are completely satisfied with the temperature of the entire room, not just the area directly next to your air conditioning unit.

 Multiple Cooling Modes

The temperature of your room can also be further regulated through the different cooling modes offered by this unit. The different cooling speeds, fan speeds, and the auto cool setting all work to make your home as comfortable as possible. Many times consumers need to run their window air conditioning units overnight as their homes are too warm to sleep otherwise. However, the loud noises produced by the unit and the lack of temperature control can make sleep even more difficult than before. Fortunately, the makers of the Frigidaire FRA086AT7 have developed a solution to this all too common problem. In sleep mode, the air conditioner functions as quietly as possible in order to not disturb your sleep. Sleep mode also contains a temperature control that increases the temperature of your room at set intervals so you don’t get too cold while sleeping. This setting also works to conserve energy during the nighttime.


For allergy sufferers, the introduction of hot weather indicates the beginning of pollen season, a time that most people with allergies dread. The Frigidaire FRA086AT7 is also equipped with a specially designed filter to help those who suffer during allergy season, as well as year-round. This air conditioner contains an anti-microbial filter that will clean allergens, bacteria, and odors from your home so that you will have a cool and healthy environment to live in! This technology provides a cleaner home for everyone, even those who don’t suffer from allergies. A simple filter alert located directly on the unit will let you know when you need to clean the filter. All you have to do is tilt the filter out and clean with soap and water. Cleaning the filter regularly will help keep the unit running efficiently while reducing airborne particles from your home. This air conditioner also works to dehumidify your house, providing you with additional comfort during those humid, summer months.

 Energy Efficient

One of the most important features that homeowners look for in a new appliance is energy efficiency. Buying a product that is energy efficient is both environmentally and financially friendly. Energy efficient appliances take less energy to operate so your electric bills will be lower. This unit has been deemed an Energy Star unit by the federal government, meaning it exceeds current federal energy regulations. The FRA086AT7 also has an energy efficiency ratio of 10.8, meaning it requires very little energy to operate. That feature, combined with a low energy start-up system, will ensure that your electric bills will not take a hit from purchasing this product. This particular model also contains an energy saving mode, where the air conditioning compressor and the fan cycle on and off at set intervals to ensure maximum efficiency at a minimum cost to you.


Another great benefit of this Frigidaire model is that its compact size makes for ease in installation. This unit will fit in almost any window. The only specifications are that that with window must be at least 14 inches high and the width of the window must be between 23 inches and 36 inches. The installation kit contains side panels that will allow your air conditioning unit to have a snug fit in your window of these dimensions. And, at only 53 pounds, you won’t have to invite all of the neighbors over to help you install this unit. With all of these features, you are probably assuming that the Frigidaire FRA086AT7 will be way outside your price range. However, by purchasing through our link below, you can save a little extra money off retail price and pick it up for $222, and at that price you would have to wonder why anyone would bear the heat for any longer.

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