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Keystone KSTAW05A



Price: $164

This inexpensive, but efficient, window air conditioning unit provides a great value for keeping your bedroom, or other similarly sized room, cool and comfortable.

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Many people today regard their air conditioning units as ‘life savers’ during the times when the weather is hot. So many people find it near impossible to sleep when nighttime temperatures rise above 75 degrees. And when we go to bed, there’s nothing worse than tossing and turning in the heat and high humidity. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep it can completely ruin the upcoming day, and for this reason many people are installing inexpensive window air conditioners in their bedrooms.

In older homes, even those with central air, many people find that the cool air doesn’t cool their bedrooms enough or that the central air unit is too expensive to run. The Keystone KSTAW05A is a great example of window air conditioner for a bedroom or individual room.


 5,200 BTU’s

This model is recommended for rooms measuring up to 150 square feet and boasts a powerful 5,200 BTUs. It’s a compact unit and many users report that they’ve installed it and had it running within fifteen minutes of opening the package and that the cooling effect is almost instantaneous. It can cool a room to temperatures as low as 62 degrees.  It’s lightweight and therefore easy to move to another room in the house, should that be necessary.

It’s worth noting that because of the affordability of this unit, many people have bought it to use with generators when there are power outages, while others have purchased it to use in their RVs. This unit is also especially popular with people who rent their home or apartment because when you move, you can simply take your air conditioner with you and quickly install it in your new home.

 Good Value

The Keystone KSTAW05A has a few thoughtful features that have been designed into it to makes this a superior window air conditioner unit for the price. For example, when you are using AC units in the bedroom at night LED displays can be distracting and can keep you awake. With this unit though, you can simply switch them off. It also has a full-featured, illuminated, remote control which lets you adjust the unit from your bed.

There are three fan speeds and three cooling modes in this model so you’ll be able to control your air conditioner to suit the mildest weather to the hottest. Maintenance for the unit couldn’t be simpler; the filter, which needs occasional cleaning, is easily accessed via a tilt-out mechanism. It is also very efficient at removing the humidity from your room. In some locations this is equally important as the cooling aspect of creating a comfortable living environment. The unit has a full warranty for both labor and parts for one year after the date of purchase so you can be assured of trouble-free operation.

 Energy Star Rated

Many users absolutely rave about the way their power bills have decreased since using this unit. A reviewer here said that using this unit was actually cheaper than running stand-alone fans with no cooling ability. The Keystone KSTAW05A is Energy Start rated and you can use the timer to set the unit to turn on and begin cooling your room at the time you wish.  There is also an energy saver mode on the unit that will stretch your dollars even further.

 Quiet, For A Good Night Sleep

Although this unit is ideal for many applications it seems to be the choice of many people for their bedrooms. It’s a quiet unit and therefore the small amount of white noise generated by the machine when it’s in use can actually aid restful sleep. More and more, medical science is showing how invaluable sleep is for the health of our bodies and for combating stress, depression and other related maladies. Being too hot in bed is a frequent reason for failing to get a restful, deep and refreshing sleep. By purchasing this unit, this problem can be eliminated. You’ll start your day in a brighter and healthier frame of mind knowing that while you’ve been sleeping your body has been replenishing itself by breathing in cool, moisture-free air.

This is lowest priced window air conditioners we’ve reviews and yet the benefits it gives, for both your comfort and your overall well being are a great value. Running costs are low and because it’s Energy Star rated you can be assured that it will cool your room efficiently and inexpensively as possible. The Keystone KSTAW05A is also ideal for any small room or office and its portability and flexibility also makes it ideal as an emergency backup. Really you can’t go wrong choosing this unit to cool any small to mid-sized room in your home.

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