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We concur with the Consumer Reports 'Recommended' rating of the LG LW8012ER. Overall it's a good air conditioner with all the features you would expect for an A/C in this price range, while giving us little to complain about.

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Keeping your home cool in warm weather can be expensive but it’s essential to keep yourself and your family comfortable during the summer months. Air conditioning units vary a great deal in price, looks and features, and there are many different makes and models available on the market today. We have been looking at affordable options and practical units that give value-for-money solutions for your home and have selected the LG Energy Star LW8012ER air conditioner to review.


8,000 BTU’s

The LG Energy Star LW8012ER produces a max output of 8,000 British Thermal Units (BTU’s), which the manufacturer estimates will cool an area of approximately 340 square feet. This means that most of today’s smaller apartment dwellers can completely cool their home using just two of the window units. As these units are sold at the very reasonable price of slightly over $200, apartment dwellers can almost have the benefits of central air conditioning at a fraction of the cost.

Auto Restart

One of the great advantages of the LG Energy Star LW8012ER air conditioner is its automatic restart feature. This is an important benefit, especially for people who have their air conditioning timed to switch on just before they arrive home from a day’s work. If you’ve ever returned home on a hot day and found that a power outage has prevented your appliance from cooling your home, then you’ll know exactly why this feature is so useful. After all, these units are being used at a time when the warm weather, and the storms that often accompany it, can frequently bring extreme weather and power outages.

3 Fan Speeds

The LG Energy Star LW8012ER’s fan has three speeds which allow you to adjust the temperature accurately to suit the weather and your desired comfort level. In addition, the unit has a four way direction feature meaning that it offers the benefit of allowing the user to direct the cool air in the most suitable direction to maintain the maximum comfort. The unit is also very quiet when it’s running. This can be an important consideration for those of us who have had to endure noisy air-conditioning units in the past.

Energy Star Rated

This unit has an energy-saving function which many people today are actively looking for when they are choosing appliances for the home. The energy guide that accompanies the product estimates that the annual running cost of the unit is less than $60, bearing in mind that this depends on your usage. Nevertheless, they claim that it is considerably less expensive to run that other similar models on the market. Its energy efficiency ratio (EER) is 10.8.

Built In Dehumidifier

The LG LW8012ER is one of the few window air conditioners at this price point with an on-board humidity control system. It is able to pull over 2 pints of water out of the air per hour on its “Dry” setting, leaving your home less humid and a lot more comfortable.

Remote Control Included

The LW8012ER has another convenient feature that makes it even easier to control because you can use the supplied remote to adjust the temperature and the fan direction without leaving your favorite armchair.

Easy Install

You’ll find the LG LW8012ER can be installed by the average person who has a little do-it-yourself experience, meaning that expensive installation costs can be avoided. Full instructions are given but be aware that, although the regular fitting accessories are included, additional brackets may be required that do not come with the product. This will depend on your individual windows, their size and the conditions of the wall. You might find that the store where you buy the unit sells the necessary accessories however, so do inquire. If you do choose to opt for home installation, you might want to ask a friend or neighbor to help you with the job as the unit is rather heavy for one person.

Some consumers prefer he additional peace of mind afforded by professional installation and the company that fits your units for you may offer a guarantee on their installation work. Choose the option that’s right for you. Full instructions for installation – and for the efficient use of the appliance – are to be found in the extensive information leaflet supplied. It’s written in both Spanish and English and is illustrated with well-designed graphics that are easily understood. The booklet also gives information on cleaning and maintaining the unit to ensure that it gives long, reliable service.

Digital Temperature Display

The LG Energy Star LW8012ER has an easy-to-read digital temperature display (unlike the Artic King MWK-05CMN1-B17) so there is no mistaking what the actual room temperature is. And although it doesn’t offer the radical, modern design that some home owners may be looking for, it nevertheless is one of the most attractive and unobtrusive window air conditioners we have reviewed and will blend well with any decor.

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