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SPT WA-1211S



Price: $299

The SPT WA-1211S is a great choice for medium to large sized rooms and offers several additional features that lesser air conditioners do not have, such as a remote control.

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When the summer months roll around, consumers start searching for the perfect air-conditioning unit as a way to take a break from the heat and cool down. Even homes that have central air are often faced with at least one room that doesn’t get quite cool enough on those warm, summer afternoons. When searching for an air conditioner, most buyers hope for a unit that is environmentally friendly, has convenient features that make it stand out from the competition, and, above all, is cost efficient. The SPT WA-1211S, created by Sunpentown, contains all of the above!


 12,000 BTU’s

The 12,000 BTU’s the SPT WA-1211S produces is enough to cool down a standard sized living room with power to spare. Of course, it’s important to purchase the correct sized air conditioning unit for your room in order to ensure that you are maximizing the energy-saving benefits of this unit. This particular model will cool a room that is up to 500 square feet.

 Environmentally Friendly

The Energy Star label was developed by a government program that works to identify the most environmentally sound home appliances currently on the market. Buying an Energy Star appliance helps you know that you are getting the best of the best. The SPT WA-1211S has been awarded the Energy Star label, indicating that it is a product that exceeds current federal energy standards. This unit also has an Energy Efficiency rating of 10.8, meaning it requires less energy to cool your home. Using less energy means it has a smaller negative impact on the environment (and lower energy bills!). Also, unlike many air conditioners, the SPT WA-1211S uses a refrigerant called R-410A which has been shown to not cause any damage to the ozone. The different timers available on this Sunpentown air conditioner also make it very environmentally friendly.

 Timer Settings

This particular model contains both a 24-hour timer and a sleep timer to help you ensure that you don’t run your unit any more than necessary. The 24-hour timer allows you to automatically start or stop your air conditioner for up to 24 hours in advance. This feature ensures that you don’t leave your unit running while you are away from home while also not having to return to a hot house! The sleep timer will turn the unit off after a designated time period to help you get a great night’s sleep. With all of these features, you will be able to rest assured that you are making your home comfortable while not harming the environment.

 Remote Controlled

One of the best features of the SPT WA-1211S is the remote control. Modern day consumers are always looking for convenience in their purchases, and nothing is more convenient than being able to adjust the temperature of your room from the comfort of your bed or couch. Also, the electronic display takes the guess work out of setting the temperature and adjusting the fan speeds. This air conditioner also has movable vents, meaning you can ensure that the air flow is directed however you may please!

 Easy Installation

Another benefit to purchasing the SPT WA-1211S is the ease of installing the unit. Supentown has made this air conditioner very user friendly so you won’t have to waste time or money hiring someone to complete the installation. Due to its unique features, including top air discharge, this unit may be installed in a vertical or horizontal window. In fact, this air conditioner will fit in any horizontal window with an opening between 23 and 36 inches and any vertical window that has an opening of at least 15.5 inches. With these specifications, you are sure to find a place in your home that this air conditioner will easily fit. A kit that is included with your purchase includes everything you need to make the installation a breeze. The only tool you will need to complete the project is a screwdriver!

 Multiple Operating Modes

This air conditioning unit also has four different operating modes which are sure to handle any type of weather you may be experiencing inside your home. The first operating mode is the fan, which is perfect to use when you don’t need your room to be cooled additionally but would like the freshness that air circulation brings to your house. You can run the fan at four different levels: low, medium, high, or auto. The cool mode is the classic air conditioning mode that works to lower the temperature of your room. The SPT WA-1211S can cool your room down to 62 degrees! The third mode, dry, works to dehumidify your home by removing moisture and cooling your home simultaneously. The final setting for this air conditioning unit is Auto, where the air conditioner works to maintain the temperature that you designate.

 Cost Efficient

Of course, all of the energy saving benefits listed above also work to save you money. Using less energy means a cooler home with lower electric bills, a plus for any family. The timers also work to save you money by ensuring your unit never runs more than necessary. However, this unit also contains a washable filter, meaning you don’t have to go out and buy a new filter every few months. This unit also has a filter indication light that will let you know whenever your filter needs to be cleaned. Cleaning your filter at regular intervals will ensure that your unit is working efficiently and cost-effectively.

With all of these features, you might be afraid that the SPT WA-1211S is out of your price range. In fact, most units with this number of features might just be. However, the SPT WA-1211S’s list price is $428 but you can save 29% off by purchasing through the link below, making it an economical choice for most families.

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