Window air conditioner installation

Have you ever seen window air conditioning units advertised at incredibly low prices? And were you suspicious about exactly why they were such a bargain? The chances are that you were right to have doubts because retailers such as Sears have been known to offer their appliances at very low prices so that they can make up their profits on doing the installation work. What they are hoping is that people will worry about damaging the unit during home installation and therefore feel that they aren’t capable of doing the work themselves.

This isn’t the case. Window air conditioning units can be a little heavy and it’s understandable that people think that there’s a danger of dropping the unit during installation. But professional installers have a secret that they keep to themselves. That is that the housing should be removed from the unit. Because this is lightweight, it can be easily fitted into place.

Reputable window a/c units such as the LG LW8012ER will come with a window kit, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll just need a few pieces of wood, which you might already have in your garage or yard. Then the only tools you’ll you’ll need is a screwdriver and a cordless drill.

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Here’s a checklist of your needs:
The window air conditioning unit in the right dimensions to fit the space available.
The installation kit. Remember that if this isn’t included, some scarp pieces of wood to fit the unit flush with the window.
Plywood is perfect and inexpensively purchased if you don’t have some already.
A cordless drill, a screw tip and some sheet metal screws.
Caulk suitable for outdoor use.

See below for the step-by-step instructions – just follow these to fit your units.

Firstly, remove the housing from the air conditioning unit. To do this, remove the front panel after removing the screws that are holding the mechanism to the housing. You’ll find that this slips off easily if you shake it a little from side to side, at the same time pulling from the back of the case.

Once this is done, you’ll need to fasten this casing to the window. It’s likely that your unit has arrived with metal channels that fit into your window frames. You’ll receive full instructions about how to use these. If these haven’t been supplied, this is where you’ll need to cut your wood trim.

Screw the wood to the back of the windowsill. This will support the appliance. Position the housing and using the sheet metal screws, screw the bottom of the housing into your wooden support structure. Cut two pieces of plywood to be the same width as your unit and screw these to the top and the bottom.

Next, lower the window and screw your wooden frame into the window frame. Now, you simply need to slide the air conditioning unit into the housing, checking that it fits securely. All you need to do now is refit the front panel. If you have expandable panels to cover the open window area add those, but if you don’t have any create your own using plywood. These can be secured in place using the caulk.

Finally, you may wish to add foam insulation. By following these simple steps, you can take advantage of those bargain air conditioners without having to pay a fortune for expensive installation.


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